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May 18, 2009


Let the immaturity begin.


Death Magnetic.

June 25, 2008

Well excuse meeeeeee. I didn’t know I lived in the United States of Prude-land. I’m all for banging a chick on her period. But I didn’t know it was such a crime to smear the blood on the girl’s face a little bit. Apparently I’m “disgusting.”

No updates in a while. Blame my personal life. Good and bad things are happening. I think there’s also some grey area stuff happening, but I don’t know how I would distinguish grey area from good or bad. I also don’t know what I’m getting at. Ha! So I went to Toronto like two weeks ago to have some fun a bunch of women at a tattoo convention. It was epic, I enjoyed myself. I made new friends, drank beer, walked around all sweaty, and took a lot of pictures all while wearing a VIP pass, cause, you know..I’m the shit. I’m looking forward to the next time I go to Toronto. Actually, I’m looking forward to the next time I go to Canada..cause that’s like two months away. The end.

About Twelve hours ago I went to purchase Last 2 Walk, the new album from Three 6 Mafia. I walked into Best Buy to discover that Sony is doing some type of ULTRA cost cutting maneuver and packaged the cd into what appears to be a fucking case for sampler CDs. It didn’t even come with a booklet, in fact, there’s a url for the album credits on the back of that piece of shit case. I can’t believe these guys even signed off on this shit. Maybe it was their idea? I’m actually a little upset over it. It’s been bothering me all day. Hopefully this is just the stupid Best Buy version, and there’s an actual one with a Jewel case at other retail stores. I’ll buy that one if I see it. I was debating whether or not I even wanted to spend the $7.98 for it. I would have gotten the bonus Project Pat song if I got it on iTunes for 2 dollars more, but I love having the physical product. Really weird.

Update: I just checked the URL to look at album credits, and the page didn’t work. Wonderful.

Explanation. I’ve been listening to these dudes since 2000 or something, and they have never let me down. THEY STILL HAVEN’T! Now, I know they’ve come a long way from that horror core shit they started with, and they’ve gotten more poppy on every album. I can’t hate that. For every member that’s left the group, the quality has gotten so much better. The only problem with Most Known Unknowns was that Crunchy Black was still present. This album is Crunchy free, and it’s got more Project Pat than ever! That’s a win. We all know how amazing a Project Pat verse is. Lyrical messiah, anyone?

Lyrics..I can’t expect too much from either of these dudes on that tip, but they sure are entertaining. All they’ve talked about for the last 10 years is girls, drugs, guns, cars, and for the last 2 years, clothing. I love them for that. Example: “I’m all about this pimpin’ when it comes to women. Get some head while drivin’, oh, what a feelin’.” -Juicy J. The J stands for “Jenius.”

Now for some DJ Paul: ..Ridin’ down the the street, mayne, up in my big car. I scoped a lil sexy, lil mixed, lil broad. She made my dick stand like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I hit the breaks so hard that I dropped my cigar. Pussy print fat like cash in a wad..”

Ah hell, I might as well throw in some Project Pat since he is an honorary member and all. I’d just like to point out Pat’s ability to highlight the best part of his rhymes by raising his voice at the end of every line. I will try to do what he does, but in text form: ..Got apple bottom jeans, but yo’ nails lookin’ DUSTY. You da main broad in the club, got it musty. A super loud mouth, naggin’, very fussy. Open toed shoes, toenails kinda crusty. I like a dirtbag, carpet burns on her knees. Penis in her mouth, make my balls say CHEESE!..” Some lyrical heat fo’ ya ass.

Production. Hi-hats, and big bass 4 LYFE. Yes, this shit is more poppy and radio friendly than ever. So what? I think “Lolli Lolli” and “I’d Rather” sound great, and are excellent choices for singles. (Let’s watch Columbia’s marketing department ruin this.) DJ Paul made 22 tracks of straight heat. Well, I use that term loosely because I’m not sure how everyone is going to like the “Kernkraft 400” sample on “I Got.” Or that one Christmas song they used for “On Some Chrome.” If you ask me, I think it’s brilliant. Then again, I still think this song is the shit.

Conclusion. I thought the album was balanced. Gun talk over marketable club bangers, and solid guest spots (Project Pat, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Akon etc.) make this one a must listen. You have to give it up to Three 6. They’ve come a long way from this, this, this, and this. In my opinion, the two have gotten way better with every member that has been kicked out of the group. The absense of Crunchy Black on this release has made my year. Maybe this is the top for them, and the next album will be trash, and we’ll forget about Juicy and DJ Paul. But for now, let’s enjoy this shit, and pay our respects to DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Pimp C, and Lil Troy. Lil Troy isn’t dead. I just wanted an excuse to post that video.

Buy the album.