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Happy Birthday to me and this blog.

October 16, 2010

Twenty-five must be the age of simplicity. Instead of going nuts for what people deemed a milestone birthday, I spent the night with my two closest friends and my older brother. Beer was had, as were wings. Stories were told, memories were shared, waitresses were ogled, movies were watched etc. Now I’m sipping a rum and coke in bed, writing this, listening to the less famous Phil Anselmo-fronted metal band. I’m 25 years old. This is neat.

I never envisioned myself as a 25 year old when I was younger. I never dreamed about what I’d be doing at 25, I just always imagined I’d figure it out and at some point and the ball would roll and I’d be doing whatever was expected of someone at that age. That didn’t happen. Sometimes I’m upset at myself for being unable to achieve some kind of stability over the years, but I’m also really proud of all the life experience I’ve gained for not going that traditional route. Lets the last 24 years I:

-Pursued an ideal career in an industry I was interested in. It ended up not working in my favor, but I had so much fun doing it. Some of my past co-workers ended up being really important people in my life. Onto the next one.

-Found love for the first time. Lost love for the first time. Heartbreak for the first time. Drama for the first time. Losing dignity for the first time. Acting pathetic and stupid for the first time. Forgetting for the first time. Detaching for the first time. Moving on.. for the first time. It was joy, and pain. Sunshine, and rain…everything Rob Base ever rapped about. It was a nice time, it was a bad time. It was something that I wont forget. In the months that followed, I learned a lot about myself and about women and relationships.

-Met people. In the last 5 years I’ve met an interesting bunch of people. Some have become great friends, some I’ve accidentally lost contact with, some I’ve cut out of my life forever. I’ll probably repeat this process for the rest of my life.

-Continued my education! I feel like I’m on the right track. This past year has been quite a drag for a number of reasons, but school has kept me occupied enough to not worry about any negativity. I feel balanced, finally. I know what I want to do for a living. I know what I want to study. I know which universities I’m considering for my transfer. I’m really excited about this.

-Became metal as fuck. No explanation necessary.

That’s about it. This blog will probably disappear or be updated scarcely from now on. I started another site that is taking up my time and creativity. I’ve run out of things to say regarding my personal life anyway. So, I’m off to thank some people. Here is a picture of me as the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Cat.



Stay the course.

September 24, 2010

Something that has stuck with me for a long time is the phrase “Stay the course.” I don’t know if it’s an actual saying, and I don’t care to Google it at the moment but I’ll never forget where I saw it. It was thumb-tracked to a cork board in my cousin’s bedroom. He was a college student at the time. Our uncle wrote “Stay the course” with a green sharpie on a piece of paper and placed it there. Its really the only thing my uncle has done that I’ve given a shit about. I purposely refrain from his once-a-year phone calls for reasons I’d rather not mention but that’s beside the point.

I never really could stay the course as a young person, but I stopped being a young’n a few years back. Recently, something clicked with me while I was doing some people watching at school. I realized how my poor decision making has kinda kept me in mediocrity over these last few years. A few hours of self-pity did me some good that day. I’ll be 25 in a few weeks. I think it’s time to stop fucking around and get things done. This is really the last shot I have at getting out of the funk that I put myself in. I’m ready to get on with my life. I’ve finally got the drive and the motivation to handle my biz.

All I need to do is stay the course and I’m golden.

There are some opinions you can’t have.

September 15, 2010

A couple weeks ago I was listening to Joe De Rosa and Patrice O’neal argue on the Opie & Anthony Radio Program when they got into the story of when Patrice said Alfred Hitchcock was a phony and The Birds stunk. Of course, they all had a good laugh at the absurdity of Patrice’s “opinion.” He went on to say that anyone who took that serious was an idiot and that there are people who have these ridiculous opinions that no one should be able to have. I had one of those moments recently when I said Nolan Ryan was overrated. My good friend “Hollywood” pointed out that I was “trying to be different” guy and he was right. What an asshole I was. This got me to thinking about the dumb as fuck opinions some people have. Here are a few opinions that you just cannot have.


Accessories I need to retire: Fitteds Edition.

May 11, 2010

That’s easily one of the worst promo shots I’ve ever seen, but I’m not here to talk about flared nostrils and awkward angles. I gotta tell y’all about the fitteds in my collection that have to be burned, thrown away, given to Goodwill etc. I’m ashamed of all of the New Eras in this post. Even worse than some of the shirts in my last “_____ I need to retire” entry. Ohhh lets doooo it!!


These are my friends: Part 1

April 21, 2010

You can catch more of this disturbed soul on Twitter.

Clothing I Need to Retire: T-Shirt Edition

April 16, 2010

The other day I was looking for a shirt to wear to some function. I forgot the occasion, but it wasn’t anything fancy. As I was going through my closet I realized I had a whole lot of bullshit ass tee shirts. I tried to come up with excuses as to why I owned some of these “gems” but couldn’t really come up with a valid one. “I was young, and easily influenced” didn’t quite convince me, so I took an L with grace. That day I vowed to never wear the following shirts again.


Jam of the moment.

January 6, 2010

I can’t believe this song is 12 years old already. What I can believe, though,  is that this is the only LL Cool J song that will ever be on my iTunes playlist. I even bought the shit, so you RIAA squares can fuck off.

We’re in a different time now, so having 4 talented MCs*  on the same track is a forgotten concept. Fortunately for me, I was kid once and songs like this one happened all the time. I wish there was a video version with Canibus, but sans Master P cause he straight ruined that “remix.” Anyway, my favorite verse is DMX’s because when everyone is just rhyming for the sake of hip-hop and sounding dope, DMX wrote 16 bars about violently robbing you of your possessions.^

* – I never liked LL Cool J so I never get to his verse when I listen to the track. Frankly, I think he peaked before 91, thus making him completely irrelevant by the time this one came out. Luckily for Todd, Def Jam was STACKED with popular musicians and producers who could lend a helping hand. That lame excuse for a beef didn’t hurt either.

^ – Earl does this on Jayo Felony’s “Whatcha Gonna Do” as well.

Good To Go.

January 6, 2010

I’m single again.

*Enter misogynistic propaganda here*

Chick Magnet.

November 3, 2009

A recent trip to the doctor has prompted me to start working out fairly regularly. I went and took a blood test because I was feeling like shit over the last few months. My test(s) came back pretty good. I’m just a fat ass apparently. I felt that this was the appropriate song for my return to the gym:

Its not “woo,” its “WOOOOOOOOOO!”

November 2, 2009


My obsession with Ric Flair is ridiculous. It has pretty much become a daily routine for me to search for Natch’s videos on youtube. Today I stumbled upon what might be the greatest find ever.

I have but two questions:

Why the fuck did it take 30 years for this to happen?

Who is willing to buy me one and send it to me so I can have it framed?