Jam of the moment.

I can’t believe this song is 12 years old already. What I can believe, though,  is that this is the only LL Cool J song that will ever be on my iTunes playlist. I even bought the shit, so you RIAA squares can fuck off.

We’re in a different time now, so having 4 talented MCs*  on the same track is a forgotten concept. Fortunately for me, I was kid once and songs like this one happened all the time. I wish there was a video version with Canibus, but sans Master P cause he straight ruined that “remix.” Anyway, my favorite verse is DMX’s because when everyone is just rhyming for the sake of hip-hop and sounding dope, DMX wrote 16 bars about violently robbing you of your possessions.^

* – I never liked LL Cool J so I never get to his verse when I listen to the track. Frankly, I think he peaked before 91, thus making him completely irrelevant by the time this one came out. Luckily for Todd, Def Jam was STACKED with popular musicians and producers who could lend a helping hand. That lame excuse for a beef didn’t hurt either.

^ – Earl does this on Jayo Felony’s “Whatcha Gonna Do” as well.

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One Response to “Jam of the moment.”

  1. jessika Says:

    how can you not like ll…. thats my babe =)

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