Rappers Acting Homo.

I’ve been slacking on this entry, but I finally decided to get around to it. A while ago I was on twitter, acting a fool, talking about Nintendo Wii when I was hit up by Eligh of Living Legends crew and Grouch & Eligh. He was coming off kinda.. suspect. Let me show you:

Eligh replies to my frustrating tweet:

“Hey you” Hmm.. I don’t talk to any males like that. I responded:

I responded normally, gave this fellow the benefit of the doubt. Then he said:

Knowing I have a potential “hit” in the blog world, I knew I had to let him know I wasn’t playing that fruity shit:

He responded, but was unable to shake the “switch hitter” image:

That was his excuse. What I post makes it clear that I am male. Hell, he and I have talked about guy shit before. I expect album sales to plummet. Oh yeah:

One Response to “Rappers Acting Homo.”

  1. John Says:

    That shit is hilarious

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